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About the website and criteria.


The design process of the website.


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This is a business website for a small Architectural firm based in the Southwest of England


With that in mind, showcasing projects early on was a prime objective. This would enable the users to see the scale and variety of projects that Ercle undertake. 


The design and layout of the website is always to be simple and have a good visual representation, this allows for all users to navigate easily and get a feel for the business.

During the initial meeting about layout, it was discussed the pages that were needed, these pages included;


These would be easily accessed across the site, and would be in a side bar with the social media linked so that other works and info could be accessed.

The first step was designing some initial ideas for a Home page, these were the two options with the latter image outlining where multiple projects would go inside the Ercle magenta boxes:

Option 01:

Option 02:

The next step was to develop the rest of the site theme:

Project page Idea, showcasing the different scales, with a horizontal scroll, this was changed when the home page became the showcase for all the projects.

This was similar but would cycle through the different project images and have an easy, text based link.

Moving into the individual projects, developing one layout that would fit each project was the goal.

The About Us page:

The Team page:

Final Design:

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Edward Parker-Jervis



Creative Solutions

Using 3D design and computer generated images to creatively problem solve with in depth knowledge of innovative construction methods.

Client Focused

We demonstrate design solutions tailored for each client’s unique needs and requirements. Each site is a one off opportunity.


Multiple project contributors can access centrally shared models. This results in better co-ordination, which helps reduce clashes.


Communicate design intent more effectively to project owners and team members by using models to create high-impact 3D visuals.