Edward Parker-Jervis

My Ethos.

The spaces we inhabit have the most fundamental impact on our lives of any design. Zaha Hadid said, “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand, it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” For me the pleasure follows beauty in function.

Carefully planned and thoughtful creations also have the capacity to respond with compassion to the various crises our globe is currently faced with – I feel that this is the duty of good design. People will always need functional shelter from the elements, a space where they feel comfortable and secure, this is not limited to dwellings, as social care facilities, workplaces and a range of programs need to be considered.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the human race is facing unprecedented challenges and must change its approach to the use of the finite resources on our planet. I am convinced that architecture has both the capacity and a duty to contribute significantly towards a future worth living. It is my intention to help facilitate the changes we need to make.

My Studies so far.

I studied my part one at the University of Plymouth, where I developed my skills and investigated redefining the vernacular of architecture, with a focus on social changes and the impact on users. My colleagues and I worked on the development of a site that would reflect the original built qualities of the area and bring those to a new standard. Our aim was to outline a feasible plan that would stimulate improvements in local education, health and wellbeing. 

The main focus in my final project was to look at social isolation and its effects, which included alternative uses for the space, and a positive generational crossover.

Architectural Experience.

Alongside my studies I was a strong member of the PADS (Plymouth Architecture and Design Society) committee. I designed the winning cover of the Plymouth Architecture Design Journal in 2017. My team won second place in a competition to Design an “Eco Pod” for the Dartington Estate and I took part in building the winning proposal. A key learning from this was meeting the challenge of turning concept into reality.

I had the privilege to work at Ercle, a small architectural practice whose portfolio comprised of a broad range of scaled projects, this included bespoke homes, large scale developments and extensions. This internship emphasised to me that even the smallest projects can really improve peoples’ lives.

I also took on an assortment of personal projects, which included developing and managing stage designs for Portsmouth’s South Central Festival. This involved my initial design in forming a CAD model, and I briefed engineers to provide structural design calculations to confirm that it complied with regulations. Not only was this a unique opportunity, but it also generated other work, including an interior design project for a cafe.

Other creative experience.

I have continuously developed my interests and skills in a variety of media, which include; photography, cinematography, illustration and computer aided design; this has enabled me to expand my creativity. I built a small scale self-run clothing company to raise awareness and funds to address plastic pollution in our oceans, using my illustration skills and developing designs. I decided to showcase my work with an online portfolio, developing new skills in the process of building a website.

I have been working at Spring, an award-winning design and communications agency, where I have been given the role of account executive, working as part of a team committed to conveying impactful communications and using my creative skills. With a broad range of clients, from the NHS and local authorities to a large East Anglian building company, I helped to deliver a fast turnaround on commercial work.

Other work experience.

Working for the RNLI as a qualified first responder has given me skills in management and team leadership, which have been crucial in my role as a Senior Lifeguard, where responsibility for people’s lives is a daily occurrence. Delegating work and maintaining morale when situations arise is a key part of the job. This has enabled me to provide a competent level of management in other work environments.

I would love to hear from you