SouthSide Brewery

Edward Parker-Jervis



Our masterplan

After reviewing our consultation with local-residents, temporary locals (students), tourists and local trades on site, we want to foster positive local encounters. Increasing trade by developing a circular economy and improving skills linked with the university will encourage a more dynamic relationship between the people and the Barbican.

The project aims to create a movement of events through the harbour drawing you in further and strengthening connections with other regions whilst respecting and emphasising the Barbican’s strong identity. It is our strategy to renovate the existing structures as well as introduce new buildings into the site, extending the repertoire of spaces and offering new programmatic possibilities the current historical buildings are unable to offer.underlying social fabric of the spaces and offering new programmatic prospects which the current amenities surrounding the site are unable to provide.


Project Economy


My Vision


The brewery will bring local trade to the Barbican connecting with local pubs and bars. It is located within the old bottling plant opposite the distillery, harmonising with its skill and produce. It’s a locally run brewery which aims to gather a popular social norm and integrate a multi-faceted trade.

Gathering the local community to utilise their skills with a brewery. The brewery will give access to a social gathering and explore the
trade within the site.

Entrance to the Site

This is the front of the building, and the entrance to our site. It showcased a glimpse into the industrial side of the site and inviting users in.


The interior of this part of the building was to protect the mural and allow users to sit inside reclaimed coppers from the brewery.

Internal Art Space

The internal art space was used to show off the mural on the wall, allowing for users to come and enjoy the art whilst appreciating the quality beverages.

Tropical Glasshouse

The heat generated from the brewing process could be used to not only heat the building, but also to heat a glasshouse which could grow Mediterranean plants, that would be used to give the alcohol its unique twist.


The bar on the ground floor was one of the attractions of the program, it would teach users to pull their own pints and have a system in place to automate and regulate their consumption.

Section 02

The building used to be a bottling factory for the neighbouring gin distillery, keeping the industrial feel and integrating the new with the old.

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